NCIMI – pronounced “enceemee” – stands for the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging.​

NCIMI’s mission is to integrate medical imaging, such as CT and MRI scans, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient care.​

Using this technology together can transform how medical professionals diagnose diseases and chronic conditions.​

The NHS handles 40 million new imaging requests per year, which currently aren’t standardised or digitally reported. ​

By bringing this information together, and by engaging with patients to gather anonymised data, we can speed up and improve how we diagnose and prevent diseases whilst lowering costs – improving treatment options for patients.​

Based at University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, NCIMI brings together more than 25 partners including NHS trusts, medical tech companies, charities and patient groups. Current projects cover a wide range of conditions, including childhood obesity, endometriosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.​

NCIMI is one of four centres funded by the Innovate UK through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.​