NHS Scotland is the publicly-funded healthcare system in Scotland. It operates 14 territorial NHS Boards across Scotland, seven special non-geographic health boards and NHS Health Scotland.

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) is part of the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Directorates and supports high quality research within NHS Scotland and the wider health and care community. This is for the health and financial benefits of the population so that Scotland is recognised globally as a ‘come to place’ for health science.


NHS National Services Scotland Information Services Division (ISD)

ISD holds NHS health and health related data for over five million people in Scotland, which in some cases span an individual’s whole life: from before birth, with the mothers’ antenatal records, through to that individual’s death registration record. This is a wealth of information which can be linked, summarised and analysed to support research studies.

The electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS) provides a single point of contact to assist in the completion of applications to Public Benefit and Privacy Panel and assist researchers in study design, approvals and data access in a secure environment. eDRIS aims to make conducting research easier, more efficient and more convenient.

Further Information

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Email: nss.edris@nhs.net

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