NHS Wales is the publicly-funded National Health Service of Wales providing healthcare to three million people who live in the country. NHS Wales provides emergency services and a range of primary, secondary, and specialist tertiary care services.

District General Hospitals provide outpatient, inpatient, and accident and emergency services, and there is a network of community hospitals run by GPs. Specialist hospitals provide services such as burns units and plastic and cardiac surgery. NHS Wales also funds GP services, dental services, pharmacies, and sexual health services.


Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank

SAIL Databank is an invaluable resource for its richness and breadth of routinely collected data currently available for data linkage research. The vast array of Welsh datasets ranges from GP records, hospital data and emergency services, through to mental health, social services, education and national survey data.

In addition, data can be brought into SAIL Databank from any source and will benefit from its long-established privacy protection and data management methodologies that have created a unique safe haven, data linkage and analysis environment. SAIL uses UK Secure e-Research Platform to provide controlled data access and High-Performance Computing to hundreds of users across the world.

Core SAIL datasets

Restricted SAIL datasets

SAIL datasets in the Innovation Gateway

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Further Information

Visit: www.wales.nhs.uk/
Visit SAIL Databank: https://saildatabank.com/
Email: SAILDatabank@swansea.ac.uk