National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) is a centre of excellence in digital pathology and artificial intelligence (AI), digitising over 30 hospitals in the NHS and creating two national networks for specialist cancer diagnosis.

National Pathology Imaging Co-operative, NPIC (Project no. 104687) is supported by a £50m investment from the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine challenge, managed and delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The National Pathology Imaging Co-operative is based out of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Darren Treanor, Director at the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative and a pathologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, says: “The National Pathology Imaging Co-operative is pleased to join the UK Health Data Research Alliance. This will support our work in the development and deployment of digital pathology across the NHS. Through our collaboration, we hope to continue to make important new discoveries through digital pathology and the development of Artificial Intelligence tools for cancer diagnosis.”   

Dr Daljeet Bansal, Operations Director at the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative, says: “NPIC looks forward to working with the Alliance members and building successful partnerships, strengthening the UK’s position in imaging data for research and innovation”. 

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