Our Future Health will be the UK’s largest ever health research programme. It is designed to help people live healthier lives for longer through the discovery and testing of more effective approaches to prevention, earlier detection and treatment of diseases.

The aim is that five million adults across the UK will volunteer to take part in Our Future Health. People who join will be asked to provide information about their health and lifestyles, a small blood sample and permission to combine their information and samples with existing information about them, including their health records. They will also be given the option to receive personal information arising from their samples or data and to take part in additional research studies.

Combining these multiple sources of health and health-relevant information, including genetic data, will create an incredibly detailed picture that truly represents the UK population. Researchers will use this information to make new discoveries about human health and diseases.

Andrew Roddam, CEO of Our Future Health, said: “Being part of the UK Health Data Research Alliance will help us deliver on our commitment to make the best use of data to help people live healthier lives for longer. Collaborations like this will ensure we are using data in the most trustworthy and ethical way, which is an essential part of creating a world-leading resource for health research.”

Further Information

Visit: https://ourfuturehealth.org.uk/

Email: info@ourfuturehealth.org.uk