The data standards and quality delivery sub-group brings together data officers from across the Alliance to oversee, coordinate, and produce Alliance guidance and policy regarding: data quality, data standards, meta data standards, dataset publishing, data provenance, ontology / terminology services and use.

The group also considers international standards and interoperability and engages with organisations with data standards remits to ensure alignment and reduce fragmentation of recommendations where possible.

Our approach to data quality and standards is guided by the following principles:

  • Support adoption of FAIR data principles
  • Alignment with existing and proposed health data standards where possible, leveraging existing developments in this area by other groups
  • Optimise both research and clinical benefits of data use and interoperability by having common standards for research and clinical / operational value
  • Use existing open standards where possible, including planned alignment with internationally supported standards
  • Minimise additional resource required to manipulate datasets through HDR UK

Our initial focus is on supporting and enabling the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Programme by providing a first wave of quality and standards guidance for datasets generated by the Alliance and the Health Data Research Hubs and how these are discoverable through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway [link to Gateway page].

The first milestone is to have a fully operational offer for researchers and innovators through the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Gateway, with datasets from the Alliance and Hubs discoverable by 10 January 2020.

Ongoing activities include developing:

  • An overarching ‘Data standards and Quality Oversight Group’ composed of HDR UK and senior members across the NHS and equivalent bodies in the devolved nations.
  • The Data Standards and Quality Delivery sub-group with named data officer representatives from all member organisations. This group will produce guidance and policy covering: data quality, data standards, metadata standards, data provenance, and ontology / terminology services and use
  • Producing a draft data quality standards ‘green paper’ and gathering views from people we work with across Health Data Research UK on how this should best be achieved.

If you would like more information on this project please contact Dr Neil Sebire, Project Lead, at If you are interested in contributing, please contact