We are an Alliance of leading health, care and research organisations united to accelerate progress in understanding causes of disease, public health, clinical trials and front line care by enabling widespread access to different modalities of data such as clinical, administrative, imaging and  genomic and other molecular data, at UK-wide scale.

In order to achieve this goal, the UK Alliance organisations will work collectively to: 

  • Bring together the research, clinical, and disease advocacy communities and the private sector to support and promote the responsible sharing of health data for research and innovation. 
  • Collaborate to create a versatile information platform that is open and accessible, and provides common standards, formats and tools to stakeholders in the health data research community.
  • Publish a series of Green and White papers on key work areas for consultation and to help shape developments to create a responsible and ethical infrastructure for health data research and innovation in the UK. 
  • Grow the Alliance., it is imperative that, over time, the UK Health Data Research Alliance grows to include as many custodians of data relevant to our research and innovation as possible. 

By becoming a member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance your organisation will benefit by: 

  • Actively shaping the design and delivery of a UK-wide federated health data research landscape
  • Being part of a single, powerful voice to address common barriers to the scale-up and adoption of health data research innovations
  • Retaining freedom to develop new products and services, with a focus on collaboration at the interfaces

We ask that all members of the UK Health Data Research Alliance: 

  • Contribute substantially to the capabilities and capacity of the UK Health Data Research Alliance by contributing expertise and helping to shape the regulatory environment 
  • Encourage the availability and use of data for research and innovation through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway 
  • Demonstrate the principle of transparency by publishing a register of active projects accessing the data under their custodianship and accepting new data access requests via the Gateway. 

Click here to read the Alliance brochure and find out more about the Alliance

For more information on joining the UK Health Data Research Alliance, please review the Principles for Participation and the Letter of Intent. To express your interest in becoming a member, please complete the below form and the team will be in touch shortly: