We represent companies of all sizes who invest in discovering the medicines of the future. 

Our members supply cutting-edge treatments that improve and save the lives of millions of people. We work in partnership with Government and the NHS so patients can get new treatments faster and the NHS can plan how much it spends on medicines. 

Every day, we partner with organisations in the life sciences community and beyond to transform lives across the UK.

Dr Janet Valentine, Executive Director of Innovation and Research Policy at ABPI said: “The pharmaceutical industry relies on access to anonymised health data to develop new medicines and vaccines, enable patients to have access to them and ensure they are effective and safe once in routine NHS use. Configuring the UK health data ecosystem to facilitate research, whilst safeguarding patient confidentiality, is a goal shared by the whole research community, including ABPI members. The Alliance partnership has an important role in tackling some of the thorny issues that will help us achieve this goal, which can’t be solved by individual organisations working alone.” 

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