The Dementias Platform Data Portal is a world class repository and analysis environment for dementia-optimised health research data. Free to use, it offers researchers worldwide access to high quality, multi-modal data. Our remote trusted research environment comes complete with all the analytical software packages required to undertake any multimodal analysis. Furthermore all of our images are offered in BIDS and stored through our innovative data lake, creating an optimal environment in which to complete research.

John Gallacher, Chief Executive of DPUK said: “Dementias Platform UK is delighted to join the Alliance. DPUK is committed to enabling scientists from all sectors to access high quality, research-ready data. We believe that working with the Alliance can only benefit this mission and accelerate the development of new treatments.” 


The DPUK Data Portal brings together records of over 3 million people through +50 datasets, of which over 30 offer imaging and genomics data, making our repository a rich offering for multimodal research.  Built to an international information security standard, the Data Portal ensures that every participant’s data is stored securely whilst also enabling bona fide researchers to access the information they need to advance our understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Whole-body data on such large numbers of people brings enormous statistical power to studies about what happens to our bodies as we age, and the DPUK Data Portal gives researchers rapid access to this rich data. 

Sample of latest Publications from researchers utilising the DPUK Data Portal 

  • Buergel, T., Steinfeldt, J., Ruyoga, G. et al. Metabolomic profiles predict individual multidisease outcomes. Nat Med28, 2309–2320 (2022). 
  • Bellous E, Escott-Price V Are Alzheimer’s and coronary artery diseases genetically related to longevity? Front. Psychiatry 13 (2023) 10.3389/fpsyt.2022.1102347 
  • Crawford, K., Leonenko, G., Baker, E. et al. Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondrial function implicated in Alzheimer’s disease through polygenic risk and RNA sequencing. Mol Psychiatry28, 1327–1336 (2023). 

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