The work we deliver and fund to support our members and patients is wide-ranging and includes:

  • The UK Renal Registry (UKRR)
  • The Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP)
  • Rare Renal and the National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR)
  • The British Association for Paediatric Nephrology (BAPN)
  • The UK Renal Pharmacy Group (UK RPG)
  • The Renal Trainees SpR Club.

The UKRR collates data from hospital kidney centres and laboratories to improve the care of patients with kidney disease in the UK.

Each year the UKRR team manages data collection, analysis and reporting on approximately 8,000 new patients and 67,000 existing patients on dialysis or with a kidney transplant, and approximately 500,000 patients who trigger an alert for an acute kidney injury (AKI).

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