University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) is one of the largest acute teaching Trusts in the UK, comprising University Hospital in Coventry and the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby and working in partnership with Warwick University Medical School and Coventry University. It has more than 10,000 staff and delivers services across the West Midlands region. This includes hosting region-wide services such as the Coventry and Warwickshire Pathology Network and Bowel Cancer Screening programme.


  • The PathLAKE datalake is a repository of high resolution digital pathology whole slide images and metadata from multiple samples across the landscape of human disease. Contact us for further information.
  • 100,000 Genome’s Project: Access to the genomic data on our patients here at UHCW (578 patients over 3 years) as part of this project. The sequencing data is held at Genomics England.
  • Miscarriage Datasets: As part of the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research, UHCW holds data on 1000s of women who have experienced miscarriage. This data can be used to better understand why miscarriage happens, will it happen again and how it can be prevented.
  • Ophthalmology Datasets: Anonymised patient data that may help in the early diagnosis of diseases and faster/better treatments for patients. Also provide opportunities to use AI and machine based-learning.
  • Chest Radiographs Dataset: anonymous radiographs of chest X-rays of all adults undergoing chest X-rays in UHCW’s radiology department. X-rays are available via UHCW’s PACS system and have been used to assess the accuracy of an AI system for detecting critical and urgent radiographs.
  • Covid-19 Biobank: Thousands of covid-19 samples collected since March 2020 that can be used a baseline for studying disease trajectory during the post-acute infection phase characterised by ‘long covid’. This data will be of value from a clinical perspective and also to organisations wishing to develop predictive algorithms.

UHCW can also access clinical patient datasets that it collects as part of routine care and that can be used for research purposes. This information is available on request and will need to be considered by the R&D Data Access Group. Contact us for further information.

Professor Harpal Randeva, Director of R&D at UHCW NHS Trust, says “UHCW is pleased to be joining the UK Health Data Research Alliance. As a large University Hospital Trust, we understand the need to capitalise on our unique data assets to improve the health and care of our patients, and those across the UK and beyond. ‘Big data’, Artificial Intelligence, better use of ‘real-world’ evidence and the involvement of a wider range of disciplines (including the social sciences and implementation science) will be critical to the NHS if we are to accelerate progress. To this end, our Digital and Data Driven Research Unit has been set up to enable research and help underpin digital models of diagnostic and therapeutic development. Through the Alliance, we will share good practice on how to provide data for research that will lead to earlier diagnosis of disease and better treatments for our patients.”

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