Our Vision

Every patient in the UK willingly giving their data to support medical research and their own care.

Our Mission

To be a Trusted Voice for patients and the public in all discussions and decisions about the use of our data for research and improving healthcare.

Our Aims

  • To promote the responsible and accountable use of our data to improve health and health research, and to help to remove barriers to preventing this.
  • To highlight the benefits of using patient data for our individual health and for our communities.
  • To help ensure patient data is used to create and support an NHS that is better for all.
  • To advocate robust and transparent safeguarding of data, which is clearly communicated to patients and the public.
  • To provide balance as a trusted voice in patient data, highlighting aspirations and concerns about the use of patient data.
  • To act as a critical friend and sounding board to organisations who want to collect, store and use patient data to benefit society.
  • To build knowledge and expertise for patients, family and carers to help them play a more active and informed role in discussions and decisions about patient data.

“use MY data to help others and help me”

Richard Stephens (Chair) and Dave Chuter (Vice-Chair) of use MY data, say:

“use MY data is a grassroots movement of patients, carers and relatives. We are the only independent patient movement in the UK focused on promoting the responsible, accountable use of patient data to save lives, improve healthcare and advance health research. As an Alliance member we will use our collective voice to advocate every patient’s data being used to create and support an NHS that serves us all, and we will work to remove all barriers preventing this. We will always champion robust and transparent safeguarding and clear, honest and open communication with patients and the public.”

Further Information

Visit: https://usemydata.org/
X: @useMYdata
LinkedIn: use MY data